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County & Regional Library Board of Trustees Annual Workshop at The Blair House

SRLS annually works with both regional and local boards putting together a day of learning and sharing so that we can all be better advocates of Libraries. The recent Board of Trustees workshop was held on Thursday, April 22, 2010 at the Blair House in Troy, NC. Below are pictures from the recent workshop.


Carol Walters, SRLS Director of Libraries, welcomes everyone to the annual SRLS Board of Trustees Workshop held on April 22nd at the
Blair House in
Troy, NC.


Phil Barton , Library Design Consultant, discusses the Nuts & Bolts of planning for a new library building or expanding your existing library building. He left everyone with the message to involve as many staff and county officials as possible in the planning stages.

Dr. Julie Hersberger, Associate Professor in the Department of Library and Information Studies at UNC-G, chose the topic "Library As a Place." She spoke of her experiences and memories while using her hometown library as a child. She is a collector of pottery and the piece she received will be added to her collection.
Peter (Pete) Madsen, retired SRLS Board Member -Moore County, listens as Carol Walters reads "The Christmas Golf Story." Pete also received an engraved sterling silver golf tee. Pete retired after service his second 6 year term on the SRLS Board of Trustees.
Richard "Dick" Roose, retired SRLS Board Member Montgomery County, received a beautiful piece of pottery to add to his collection and a plaque about lawyers. Dick retired after serving one 6 year term on the SRLS Baord of Trustees.
Carol Walters, SRLS Director of Libraries, spoke on "Library Funding During Difficult Economic Times." She explained how much State Aid and local budgets have been cut within the SRLS counties and how libraries are expected to do more with less money. SRLS applies for grants from the State Library of NC, Gates Foundation, Erate, etc.
Bonita Collins, SRLS Director of Technical Services, discussed Erate grants received by SRLS. Bonita has handled this service for SRLS for 10 years and in that time SRLS has received over $1,000,000 in funding. These monies are crucial for telecommunication and Internet service in all 15 SRLS libraries.


Phoebe Medlin, Director of Hampton B. Allen Library in Anson County, did a presentation on a program she had at her library with young teens called "Flip Flop Your Way - Make a Wave & Read." Flip flops were purchased and the group decorated with various donated items using cloth, balloons, beads, etc.


Shown are examples of the different flip flops designed by the young teens at the Hampton B. Allen Library in Wadesboro.
Violet Bahr, local board member for Moore County Library, models a pair of the flip flops. The attendees fell in love with the samples of flip flops.


Sheila Evans, Director of Hoke County Library, did a presentation on "Technology Is Free At Your Library." She explained the different types of technology offered within the library and on the MeWOW van that travels to each county within the region and offers computer classes five days per week.

David Atkins, Director of Montgomery County Libraries, focused on Summer Reading programming within the library and schools. One program that is such a hit with the children returned this year, "The Snake Man."

"Community Read Events" was presented by Stephen Zibrat, former Director of Moore County Libraries.

Various programs were held with the Moore County Friends Group and other organizations throughout Moore County.

Jesse Gibson, Director of Richmond County Libraries, had a very different program for his Summer Reading Program. The program was called "Trash v/s Crafts". Crafts were made from throw away items collected by the staff. Items included paint stirrers, toilet paper rolls, paper plates, etc.



Dave Davis, SRLS Office Assistant, takes a break during the workshop!




The SRLS website has several brochures for our Board of Trustees members. You can click on this link to access the brochures.